Contextual and Social User Experience in E-Business Custom Essay

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You are the Information Systems Manager of an organization of your choice. One of your key tasks is -;technological gatekeeping?, the monitoring of the rapidly changing technological environment for emerging information and communication technologies (ICTs) which may be of potential benefit to your organization. You are required to write a management brief for your board of directors reporting on an emerging information technology (hardware, communications or software) of your choice, from the attached paper from Gartner. You should outline, in lay terms, what the technology is, what it can do, how it might be of value to your organization and how/when it might be implemented in order to improve the business of the organisation.
You may append a short description of your chosen organization (one paragraph maximum).

Hi writer, I have choose “Contextual and Social User Experience” YOU NEED TO FIN THE ORGANISATION HERE IN UK and you must follow the instruction of the assignment.

This is a MASTER PAPER you mus show prove that this analysis is a master class. However, I have chose and expected to be a level of MASTER DISTINCTION. Please prove the out come of the paper is Distinction.

You must Analysis of the potential use of and value of the technology for the chosen organization. Even if, it is a two paper essay but you need to prove it is written essay with master class.

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