Contingency Response Plan. custom essay

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We have done a a group assessment work about making a business plan which was yacht transport company. I will attach the report we have done, but as an individual , i am required to submit an individual contingency plan .
an individual piece of work, for individual submission.
You are required to produce a contingency response plan for the business you developed in the group work .
It must consist of two elements :
Part 1.
The Contingency Response plan itself. This is to be from the perspective of the shore side management plan for an emergency situation.

Part 2.
Critique your own plan, on the basis of a variety of assumed scenarios. A number of ‘what if?’ scenarios must be contemplated, and your reflections on how these influenced your plan must be included in your critique.

To consider :
At what point does the situation become an ’emergency’?
Who makes that decision ?
How is the command structure defined?
Who needs to be within that command structure?
How are you going to delegate responsibilities?
What external organisations will you need to contact?
How are your actions and decisions coordinated and recorded?
At what point does can the situation be downgraded and passed back to normal operations?

The word limit is not defined – the document must have clarity and structure, and be accessible and understandable by all involved. (consider using Officer A, B, C etc rather than names)
However you should be able to produce a contingency response in a well defined document, in less than 2,500 words.

it is like plan B or a contingency plan. please make sure that you consider the points of what is required. please use simple english and use drafts of pictures from the report that i will attach.

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