Corporate Accountability Custom Essay

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Corporate Accountability
Write an individual essay, which should
Critically evaluate the role of ONE of following corporate governance mechanisms: 1) Independent directors; 2) Audit committee; 3) Executive incentives; and 4) Institutional Investors.

1) Discuss a theoretical framework that you believe represents the most appropriate explicit framework for the chosen corporate governance mechanism.
2) Briefly describe the background to the creation of the mechanism and the key regulations/ recommendations documents regarding to the mechanism.
3) Critically evaluate the roles and the effectiveness of the mechanism, drawing on the theories, academic research findings (3 academic papers at a minimum), real example (two cases at a minimum), speeches news or/and other communications.
4) Make recommendations in terms of how the mechanism could work better.
5) The essay should be well organized and clearly presented (Font size 12 recommended), with brief introduction and conclusion. Ideas and arguments should be a logical. References/sources should be properly cited in the text (Harvard style of citation recommended), with full bibliographies provided at the end of the essay.
6) Please structure your essay with sub-headings, following the exact order of the requirements.
(Note: 1. no matter you write which one, you should write agency. 2. Explain and theory. 3. Recent examples)

The tutor how to mark the coursework
Requisite (total mark 45%):
1. Choose and discuss and appropriate theoretical framework for the selected corporate governance mechanism (10%)
2. Briefly describe the background to the creation of the mechanism and the relevant documents (10%)
3. Critically evaluate the roles and the effectiveness of the mechanism and the relevant documents (10%)
4. Make recommendations in terms of how the mechanism could work better (5%)
5. Organization and presentation of the essay; introduction and conclusion; References to literature and sources of information are properly cited both in the text and in the bibliographies (5%)

References you can use website and textbooks
1) Core textbooks
Solomon, J, 2010, Corporate Governance and Accountability, 3rd Ed, England, UK: John Wiley & Sons.
Kim, K. A. and Nofsinger, J. R., 2010, Corporate Governance, 3rd Ed, New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall

2) Other textbooks
Clarke, T, 2005, Theories of Corporate Governance � The Philosophical Foundations of Corporate Governance, Routledge
Crane, A, and Matten, D, 2004, Business Ethics, Oxford University Press
Hopkins, M, 2007, Corporate Social Responsibility and International Developments � Is Business the Solution? Earthscan
Keasey, K, and Wright, M, 1993, Corporate Governance: Responsibility, Risks and Remuneration
Solomon, J, 2007, Corporate Governance and Accountability, 2nd Ed, England, UK: John Wiley & Sons.
Tricker, R.I, 1994, International Corporate Governance: Text, Readings and Cases, Prentice Hall,
Wearing, R, 2005, Cases in Corporate Governance, Sage publications.
Zadek, S, Pruzan, P, and Evans, R, 1999, Building Corporate Accountability, Earthsacn.

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