Corporate Code of Conduct – You Decide Activity custom essay

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Read the YOU DECIDE scenario and using the information provided, prepare a 2 to 3-page report (at least 300 words per page) using the APA format (see Doc Sharing APA – Template in 5th Edition for help) and discuss any ethical issues that you could encounter during the investigation. Be sure to include the following:

1.The skill sets or tools you would bring to the position as a new employee, focusing on ethics.
2. How the unethical actions of a Forensics professional can produce negative consequences.
3. How professionals working in the criminal justice system can be held ethically and legally accountable for their mistakes and unethical behavior.
4. At least three motives that drove the decisions that you made in the scenario.

Systematix Technologies, a telecommunications provider, has offered you the position of Computer Incident Response Analyst in the Security and Compliance Department. The company has enjoyed a relatively good reputation in the information technology industry; however, with the downturn in the economy, the company must find ways to save money. You’ve learned that turnover has been somewhat high during the last year, and that the company leadership’s philosophy is do more with less while maintaining quality and service levels.

You have recently graduated from college and feel very optimistic about the position and your role at the company, and its future.

Due to the strain the economy has placed on the company, your department, 50% of the Analysts have been cut, but the work requirements remain the same. Everyone is nervous about impending job cuts due to declining revenue.

Your manager, Martha Massey, is new to her position and is fairly inexperienced in technology, security and forensics. She wants to support the business units, but has several hurdles to overcome.

Today, you learn from your Manager that an incident has occurred in the Web Development group. Somehow, the corporate recruiting website was defaced with several pornographic images.

The Web Developers immediately shut down the recruiting website and are unsure how this happened but seem very nervous and have begun fighting among themselves.

This morning, you came into work and your Manager assigned you to investigate the case. This is your first action item and you want to make a good impression, but you are unsure how to proceed, but you accept the task and begin the investigation. You schedule conference calls with key players in order to obtain additional information.

Your Role:
You want to ensure that you receive as much information as possible about the incident, so you phone each of the key players and solicited their input. As a new Forensics Analyst, you begin the information gathering process.

Key Players:
1. Micheal Jefferson, IT Director/ Conference Call Tues, 10:00am –
?These Developers are incompetent. They are directly responsible for protecting the content and integrity of the website, but in this case, they failed! I have, on several occasions asked their Manager to keep tighter reigns on them but he rarely does. He?s hurting our company because he will not hold them accountable for anything! I want you to do a thorough job investigating him so I can have grounds to fire him.?

2. Jim Anderson, Web Development Manager/ Conference Call Wed, 10:30am –
?I can’t believe this happened, but at this point I’m not surprised. I keep telling the Director that we are overworked and understaffed and that something like this would eventually happen but he never provided me with additional staff. Also, our contract with one of our major clients directs that we have to have at least five web developers on staff, but at this time, we have only two due to recent downsizing. I?m sure they would be very interested if someone blew the whistle on this.

3. Mary Lopez, HR Director/ Conference Call Wed, 1:00pm –
?I know that we are all overworked and this is probably my fault. I asked that the Web Development Manager hurry and

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