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Answer any of the following questions for the Course Work assignment.
A.Would you chracterize current chemical supply as traditional, service, limited chemical management, or Shared Savings chemical management?

B. What problems are caused by the supply relationship as it is currently structured?

C. What benefits might result from moving to a higher level–toward Shared Savings?

2. Could a Shared Savings chemical management program work in your plant? What would change at your plant if you had a single chemical supplier to work with, and that supplier made more profit when your plant used less chemical? What would change if your chemical supplier was bringing you more efficiency improvement ideas than your staff had time to evaluate? What would change if the supplier was performing most. of the chemical management activities, from reordering to inventory to disposal? [[If you are a DOD or other Federal employee you may need to explore the role of GSA, and/or DLA in relation to your organization]] Again all 4 questions here only need to be 250 words altogether NOT EACH!!

The text book we are using for this class is titled “Chemical Management: Reducing Waste and Cost Through Innovative Supply Strategies” by Thomas J. Bierma and Francis L. Waterstraat Jr. and if you google it or the questions you can find the page in which those questions are asked

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