Course Work Principles of Human Nutrition custom essay

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Answer each of the following essay items, in your own words, using college-level writing skills. ave these essays.
Each AYL essay should begin with an opening paragraph stating the importance of the issue, or setting some background information. Then, write a paragraph for each of the questions asked for in the essay. As a final paragraph, consider an “application” of the topic of the essay to your personal and/or professional life.

Lesson 1, #3. Consider that you are given a fruit juice with supposed powers to increase energy and vitality. As an expert nutrition scientist, describe the steps you would take to investigate those claims. Use the scientific method to respond to this question.

Answer below:

Lesson 1, #4. Imagine that you are volunteering for the World Health Organization in an underdeveloped country where there is extensive poverty and a high death rate. As you examine people in a local village, describe how you would tell if they were undernourished, malnourished or overnourished.

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