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Look up the term “Renaissance Humanism”.provide four definitions from four resources(cite your sources)what keywords are apparent in all four definitions? Using those keywords come up with a definition of your own.

What is linear perspective?
What is aerial perspective?
What is Chiaroscuro?
What is Sfumato?

Find a renaissance painting by an artist(you MAY NOT use any artistic painting by da Vinci or Raffaello) Copy and paste the URL of the picture. Make sure that the painter is European AND the painting was created between 1400 1600
a) Write the artist’s name and when he/she lived,for example, Leonardo da Vinci(1452-1519).Notice how the dates are always in parentheses;make sure you do the same.
b)Write the title of the painting and the year it was created,for example,The Fruit Vendor(1580).Notice how the title is always in italics;make sure you do the same.
c)Look up L’Ultima Cena(the last supper)(1495-98) by leonardo da Vinci.Name all the apostles from left to riht.
d)Look up Philosophia (Scuola di Atene)(1509-11) by Raffaello Sanzio. Name at least TEN philosophers found in this painting and where they are located in the painting. For each Philosopher you name,provide their dates and city or country in which they lived,for example: Plato427-347 BCE,Athens,Greece.He is located in the center of the painting,at the top of the stairs,dressed in red,pointing upward.

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