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1. Labour markets and human resource planning
Examine the extent of diversity among the UK working population and the opportunities and challenges this presents for human resource planning.

2. Job design and working practices
Discuss the factors that would need to be considered with regards to job design and working practices to optimise employee motivation and maximise organisational performance.

3. Equality at work
How far do you think that the current UK discrimination law is effective in achieving its aims? What could be done to make it more effective? Torrington (2011, 467), amended

Coursework learning outcomes

? To demonstrate a sound theoretical knowledge within the question field
? To illustrate currency of thinking through the use of recently published literature and contemporary perspectives
? To present arguments in an effective way and offer a critical examination of the topic area
? To demonstrate complete and consistent referencing, identifying and correctly recording all sources utilized, along with any additional reading
? To demonstrate articulate writing and to adopt a logical structure and sound presentation skills

Assessment criteria

Your assignment will utilise recent academic literature, which should underpin your arguments. You should show evidence of an exploration into current theoretical and professional models, debates and studies that would help you analyse the issue. Assignments should be 2,500 words in length and must be word?processed. The word count should be printed on the front cover.

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