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In this assignment you will be expected to find statistical information of interest to you (broadly related to business, economics or society), and then write a report which presents the data effectively. You need to explain what it is, why it is interesting to the reader, and what can be deduced from it. You can choose almost any topic you like. However, we have found that general macroeconomic data do not provide a suitable basis for this report: topics
such as ?the growth of the UK economy? or ?the development of Chinese exports? are not acceptable; we need something more focused. Here are some possibilities, based on student choices in the past, or data sources which are easy to find.
The socio-economic characteristics of your home town Changes in numbers of psychiatric in-patients Variation in social indicators within the county of Kent Improvements in athletics performance over the past 100 years Comparative performance of British supermarkets Hotel occupancy in Hawaii
Admissions to NHS hospitals A ?safe? choice is to look at what is published by the UK Government at or by the European Union ( However, remember that broad macroeconomic data are not a suitable area for study.
It is up to you to use some initiative and to follow something that you find interesting. It is not advisable to collect data yourself; the effort required would be disproportionate to the marks available, especially since the project would be subject to the university?s and Business School?s ethical policies which involve additional approval and paperwork.2
What you should include
If you look at the marking criteria (included in the module guide), you will see that we expect you to show competence in the following areas:
Introduction: setting context and explaining what has been done and why Presentation/description of data Commentary on, and interpretation of, data and results Illustrations/graphs/tables Structure of report Referencing and giving clear indication of sources Conclusions Clarity of writing and presentation
How long should it be?
We are not looking for a long piece of work. A report of about four to six pages would be sufficient. (The number of pages rather than the number of words is a more useful guide since your report will include tables and diagrams. Please use one-and-a-half line spacing for the text.) You should demonstrate the ability to write clearly about a relatively small topic, rather than trying to cover too much as that would lead to the resultant coverage being
How technical should the report be?
Your report should be thought of as being a background briefing document to a senior nontechnical manager, telling him or her about a particular area of interest. It does not have to lead to a specific management decision.

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