Coursework: Understanding and interpreting financial statements custom essay

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Using the financial statements provided write a brief business report on the financial performance of Morrison?s. You should make comparisons over time and with another organisation Tesco. You are expected to use ratios and any other information that you consider appropriate.

Your report should address the following issues:

? Reasons for using ratio analysis.
? Brief description and justification of the ratios (or any other information) you decided to use
? Calculation of the ratios.
? Findings of your analysis with appropriate conclusions and recommendations for future action.
? Critical evaluation of the limitations of your analysis with regards to both the available information and the generic limitations of ratio analysis.

Word Limit: 1500 (minimum) ? 2000 (maximum) words excluding any tables, calculations or appendixes

The report is to be written individually. The areas mentioned above must be covered in your report. The calculations required for the report will account for only 30% of your coursework mark. The emphasis must be on analysis and evaluation. Your reasoning must be supported through adequate research and rigorous referencing following the Harvard style of referencing. The Academic Skills Unit (ASU) provides a sample of this form of referencing.

Please ensure while writing the report you clearly state all your assumptions and the reasoning behind them. Some of the required parts of the report do not have a single correct answer and the mark awarded will depend on the application of the knowledge and understanding that you will display in your arguments.

You will be assessed on:

? Coverage and application of relevant theory (20 marks)
? Critical analysis and discussion (20 marks)
? Ratio calculations (30 marks)
? Evidence of reading and research (including sourcing and referencing using the Harvard referencing system throughout, accompanied by a list of references) (20 marks)
? Overall structure and presentation of report (10 marks)

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