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The instructions of the assignment is written in the attachment at the end when it says “Write it up”. Please see the rubric and use the other attachment to instruct you how you do the Memo format, Make sure there is a small intro in the beginning. Its a business course, so the Memo is sent to a company it must be simple easy to read with simple vocabulary and minimum words for paragraph each paragraph must be not more than 3-4 sentences. it must start with Intro the purpose of writing the Memo, then explanation (the msg) for each paragraph a heading(bold) compering the candidate and then finally you choose one and your recommendation and state why its the best option and please provide the reasons using bullet points to make it easier (please make them good reasons 5-6 or more). Thank you, please see the attachment because it contains examples of a memo it will guide you for the format and also please READ the RUBRIC and write it based on the rubric.

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