Creation of a New Venture Custom Essay

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The essay should at some point however discuss the key issues in the question

What might we mean by the entrepreneur? (Many authors have tried to define the entrepreneur. (See for example the research papers)
What is it that makes the entrepreneur? Are they made or born? Traits/characteristics. Some authors have stated these are important other (Carter/Chell have suggested these are not so significant).
Is it an innate thing being an entrepreneur or can it be nurtured? How do family, environment and upbringing influence ones perceptions/ awareness of being an entrepreneur? Do cultural differences exist within economies and even within regions within countries? E.g. city/rural?
Issues to consider innovation, (Schumpeter), opportunity recognition (Timmons, paper on corporate entrepreneurship, etc.) idea and commercial opportunity. Risk how important is this to entrepreneurship. Does government policy influence entrepreneurship? What facts are there on the composition of SMEs and what does this tell us?
Are the issues of a start up business the same as those for a growing business? I.e. post start up; a sustainable business may decide to grow in response to the market demands for the product/service. The sole trader/ entrepreneur may have to consider additional responsibilities and need additional skill sets in a number of key areas.
In making the decision to employ someone for the first time for example, and later perhaps have management teams. Is there any conflict of interest here from that of the start up entrepreneur? Will growth imply a loss of independence for example? Other issues can also be considered at the growth stage (post start up) of the business.

You may use case study/lecture notes etc to back up your argument. There is an expectation of good evidence of reading key texts, such as Timmons, Deakins, and Carter etc. In addition citation of references to the many articles, such as those provided in the reading pack, and others available on Emerald or Proquest Database. In addition the has many sources of authors examining entrepreneurship.
Available online HYPERLINK “” Try typing key words such as Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, Business ‘start up’ etc. in the search engines of the and the library databases such as Emerald and Proquest.

You should further compare and contrast views to give depth to the essay. You should try and build an argument based upon the key themes from the question.

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