Credit Card Charge Account Essay

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According to (Wright, 2001) data collection is the aspect of capturing data into a computer for storage or processing. The input methods have been improved with time to make it much easier to input data with high degree of accuracy. Traditionally data has been input in the computer by keying in using the keyboard which has higher rate of errors and is much slow if one does not have adequate typing skills. Better methods of capturing date have been invented for example use of bar code readers, optical readers and magnetic character recognitions readers. Use of such methods of capturing data has made it much more accurate and faster.

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Internet has revolutionized on the way data is being captured. Most organizations and companies have developed websites which are interactive and integrated with the back office systems and databases. The websites has web based forms which are well validated to ensure the data being keyed in are up to the format needed. Users are able to key in date while online at a remote location via the internet (Crill, Et al. 2004).

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They are used to simple applications such as opening doors, signing in and out of office and by the law enforcement agencies which stores such bio data for comparing persons who are accessing goods or services which are perceived that they need protection from unauthorized access. According to Herndon, 2004) use of bio-electronic technology is used to indentify criminals who are on run or prevent instances which would breach security and its being adopted by most of law enforcing agencies.

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