Critical examination of Social Report Custom Essay

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Requirement: Critical examination of a social report ‘Community adversity and resilience’ by Tony Vinson
Format Essay
Length 1500 – 1800 words
Referencing: Harvard Style

Notes for assessment:
• The critical examination should examine the issues, concepts and methods used in the report in light of the approaches informing contemporary social policy, such as the importance of spatial inequality, the appropriateness of a ‘place management’ approach and the importance of social capital.
• Critically examine the report in terms of possible implications for governments, the emerging role of the non-government sector and the opportunity for social entrepreneurship in addressing social disadvantage. Note that the report, the second in a series, was commissioned by Jesuit Social Services, a prominent non-government welfare agency.
• Discuss the sort of evidence used in the report, identify any potential problems with this and what other type of evidence may be applicable in understanding social disadvantage as a policy area for consideration by governments.
• The writing style used for this critical examination should be crisp and informative.

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