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For this paper, I would like you to address the fact that Shelley’s novel, and the characters from that novel, have become such a prevalent aspect of popular culture. Why is that? Why is Victor’s monster on cereal boxes, in comedic films (like the one we just watched: Young Frankenstein), and in costume shops around Halloween? Why are we, as a culture, so fascinated by the monster and the ideas that are contained in the novel? How do aesthetics and ugliness perhaps participate in this obsession? Please also discuss how Mel Brooks addressed these issues in his film.

Please discuss the film in a similar way that you would discuss a written text (though exact quotes and parenthetical references are not necessary for this paper). Think about the overall message of the film, and also the smaller and more “inside jokes” that one would only get if they had actually read Shelley’s novel. You must use evidence from the film in order to support the claims and arguments that you make, but again, this evidence doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of direct quotes. However, you must at least discuss events, characters, or ideas from the film as evidence.

As always, this paper should be 2 pages, double-spaced,

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