Critical Thinking Assignment

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1. “The Mistake of the Sand Fleas”
Read ‘The Mistake of the Sand Fleas’ (found in Mayfield, p. 134-135). Answer the five questions following the essay. (short answer would be fine 2 or 3 sentences)

A)In this example, what is the first inference made by Krafel to explain why the sand fleas hop about so much? What happens to cause him to begin to doubt that inference?
B)Describe how he arrives at a new insight that explains all the seeming contradictions of the fleas’ behavior?
C)Is this explanation inference?
D)Was his first inference a wrong assumption?
E)Often what gives people expertise in their reputation for making good inference. How would this be the case for one of the following: physician, salesperson, car mechanic, cook, antique appraiser?

2. Respond to the following questions from Mayfield’s text. pp. 154-155
Give an example of some incongruity that you have experienced that challenged you to recognize one of your assumptions.
Can you describe the disequilibrium you felt when you could not resolve this incongruity?
How did you restore your equilibrium?

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