Critically appraise the utility of strategic plans in effecting strategic change for Exxon Mobil Corporation by 3000 words. the report MUST be Zero Plagiarism custom essay

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STRATEGIC MARKETING & PLANNING (ST4S09) Assessment 2. – RESIT Assignment (Coursework) The assignment carries 50% of the marks allocated for the module. Students will complete an individual piece of coursework of 3,000 words, inclusive of appendices (+/- 10%). In the context of the business plan you formulated in the course of this element of the module (or, an organisation with which you are familiar) Critically appraise the utility of strategic plans in effecting strategic change for Exxon Mobil Corporation . the report MUST be Zero Plagiarism You must include quality academic literature in this critique. Please remember to be critical of the received ‘wisdom and your critique must be applied to an organisation/s with which you are familiar. Please note that text in diagrams or tables will count towards the word count. References and a bibliography (reference list) will not count against the word limit for the assignment. Assessment Criteria: Please note, this is an applied piece of academic work. The following marking criteria is offered as a guide: Criteria 30% Clarity of Structure The essay is well organised and logically constructed to satisfy the requirements of cogency and synthesis while being mindful of the needs of the reader. You must answer the question set. 60% Critical Evaluation of Theory (Frameworks and models) Theoretical frameworks and models introduced in the module should be critically appraised using the available literature and, where appropriate, illustrations. 10% Presentation Does the paper remain within the parameters set by the instructions, while paying particular regard to the conventions of writing, spell checking, grammar and appropriately referenced. When submitting you must: · Submit your assignment via the module’s Bb site · Upload the file to be assessed using the filename – SM&PrcwBah18 followed by your student number, e.g. SM&PrcwBah18 0078612. Assignments that do not follow this protocol will not be assessed. Please attach an assignment cover sheet to each assignment. This will include: 1. Module name and code 2. Assessment name, e.g. Coursework 3. Date of submission 4. Tutor 5. Student number To retain anonymity the student(s) reference number(s) is to be on the top of each page, and each page is to be numbered on the bottom. Please remember to attach the coursework feedback top sheets. The tutor will acknowledge receipt of all documents. Guidelines for Completion: Submission will follow the conventions normally expected of an academic essay. There must be no evidence of plagiarism, and the paper must clearly identify incorporated material from outside sources. The use of the Harvard style referencing is a requirement, as is word processing and the printing on white paper in black ink. It is suggested at the font is Times New Roman size 12. The following are the expected conventions of this style of academic research, i.e.: · It should include an introduction – This should: o Be succinct; o Explain to the reader what the question means to you (i.e. de-construct the question); o Set the :boundaries of your study (i.e. what are you going to study, what aren’t you going to examine); o Outline the structure of your essay. · It should include a discussion – this is the main element of your essay. It should: o Be critical, i.e. give arguments for and against the concepts you are examining. To do this you will have to reference key literature – this will normally require significant reading around the subject and key papers provided. You might also, if requested, supply illustrations (examples), usually from your own experience to support or refute key points; o Have a logical structure; o Flow – each paragraph should flow into the next. · It should include a conclusion – This should: o Be succinct; o Summarise key points; o Introduce nothing new; o Give your views on the topic/s (either in the 3rd or 1st person); o ANSWER THE QUESTION SET. · Throughout you must reference properly using the Harvard system. Do not overuse quotations. An easy rule of thumb is that no more than 3% of any essay should incorporate direct quotations. · Do not include headings · Only use lists and diagrams, if at all, very sparingly – they spoil the flow of an essay · You are strongly advised not to use appendices. The word limit includes these and you will need the words to actually answer the questions rather than supply background information. · Assignments should be word-processed and Times New Roman 12 point type, single spaced. · ANSWER THE QUESTION/S SET Referencing Do not rely on the tutor’s references and lecture notes (material sheets). Start researching and answering the question with that the relevant concepts, theories, frameworks and models contained in the lecture notes provided. This would be a good place to start for references and sources as most of what the tutors include in their lectures are recognized seminal work in the relevant area. Some, however, of the currency of the sources might hold ‘older dates’. This is acceptable if students are supporting these types of references with more current references through their own research, which they should be, to challenge and update their findings. At Master’s level, students should demonstrate that they have researched and reviewed wider than the course notes. So in summary our minimum expectations for an assignment of this nature in terms of reading around the subject are: 1) To start with appropriate and relevant course notes / references, BUT 2) Research and read wider to supplement what is in the lecture notes and the points and debate being made in their answers by each individual student with more current and up-to-date references as this will ensure challenge and critique within the discussion presented 3) Sticking to the course notes will attain some credit (a minimum) but will typically provide a very narrow answer. The better grades at M level usually comes from those who have demonstrated wider engagement with wider research Plagiarism You are free to quote directly or indirectly from any publication, provided that you give a reference for the author or originator. In other words, if the research or the views you cite are not your own, then you MUST acknowledge your source(s), in accordance with the Harvard style whereby citations are made in the text by author and date, with a full alphabetical listing at the end of the paper. If you fail to acknowledge your sources, you run the risk of being accused of plagiarism, which is an academic offence. The University’s guidelines on academic offences are available online at: Please note that tutors cannot read large amounts of material prior to handing in, so please do not ask them to do so. We can advise on style and overall structure but will not proof read. Draft assignments cannot be evaluated by module staff. Exemplar coursework also cannot be provided.

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