Cross Cultural Communication and Practice custom essay

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Assignment Overview
In this assignment you are asked to reflect on both your own, and a diverse culture. The information will link
the concepts presented in this unit, your own observations and information gained about another culture. You may be already working in a diverse culture. Or you may chose to use this opportunity to learn more about a culture that you envisage working with in the future. In either case you should focus your assignment on a specific cultural group your target culture. If you are uncertain about how to proceed with any aspect of this assignment please contact your tutor for comment or feedback.
To complete this assignment you can draw culturally specific information from the following sources, or whatever other sources you may find useful:
– Your own observations and experiences. During the semester you are encouraged to keep a diary or log about each observation or experience which highlights cultural identity, diversity, communication issues, change and so on. This is particularly useful as you go through each of the topics in the study guide, as it will provide a strong link and clearer understanding of each of the concepts introduced. If you are currently engaged in cross cultural work this will provide a rich source of information, which can be used to reflect on the theory in this final assignment.
– Informal Interviews. You should ideally aim to informally interview a representative / leader (or a small group of people who share common interests / concerns) from a particular culture. You may use critical incident as a tool to seek information about cross cultural communication and practice. As part of your interview, you should also question the other person/people as to what they learned about your culture during the exchange.
– Other information can be gleaned from a wide variety of sources, including the internet, newspapers, television, books, radio and so on.
The paper should address at the following points through the assignment (but you do not necessarily need to use them as headings and can include other points as appropriate!):
– The role of culture and communication in your current or future work.
– Specific information about the target culture (You cannot present all the salient aspects of a culture in one assignment, but try and get a concise and relevant overview of important aspects of your target culture) – Cross cultural theory as covered in this unit identifies a number of ways of understanding diversity. Use these to explore diversity between your target culture and your won culture.
– A reflection of how people from other cultures perceive your culture.
– A critical reflection on the cultural values or models presented in this unit. How do the models as represented reflect your understanding of your target culture?
– What have you learned about yourself, and the other from this assignment
– An overview of what you might do in the future in approaching a cross cultural exchange (cross cultural
You assignment should be clearly written, may make use of headings and sub-headings and all materials
should be appropriately referenced. You may choose to include a variety of media such as photos, video,
narrative. Although not compulsory, the nature of this assignment does allow for innovative approaches to
assignment presentation. Please discuss with your tutor. If material is submitted without references it will be
returned unmarked for revision.

This assignment asks you to carry out an informal interview with friends, colleagues or other appropriate
people. Please keep in mind thoughtful and culturally sensitive behaviour during this process. You must be
sure that whomever you are engaging with is fully aware of why you are asking them questions, and they
must agree to take part or be free to not take part. Please ensure that you do not engage with people that
may be vulnerable in any way or may be upset by talking about issues of diversity, and be courteous of
people’s time. I recommend reading the following chapter prior to commencing the second assignment. It is
an extract of a chapter dealing with research methods and as such is a little beyond what you will need to do
for this assignment but is a really good introduction to ethical research and reflexivity. I will make this
paper available on the DSO site.
Dowling, R. (2005) Power, Subjectivity and Ethics in Qualitative research, In Hay, I. (ed) Qualitative Research
Methods in Human Geography, Oxford university press, Melbourne, pp19-29.

What the Assessor will be looking for when marking this assignment
– Demonstrated capacity to engage with notions of diversity;
– Critical engagement with literature relating to cross cultural communication and practice;
– Capacity for observation, interaction, reflection and learning in a cross cultural environment;
– Demonstrated capacity to research salient aspects of the target culture and present the information in a
concise and informative manner.
– In depth, critical reflection informed by theory and practice of cross cultural communication;
– Thoughtful informal interviewing,
– Solid coverage of each of the points you are asked to address;
– Appropriately referenced, using a recognized academic reference system (Harvard or Oxford)
– Careful, thoughtful use of language, demonstrating cultural awareness, reflection and an understanding of the ‘portrait’ to are painting of both your own and your target culture,
– Well structured, and well presented in whatever format you chose,
– Generic criteria, as contained on the final page of your unit guide.

Important note:
please note that you need to use reliable and academic sources and references. Please do not use random articles from the internet. you may use books or journal articles. Please avoid plagiarism and qoutation however you may use paraphrasing instead.

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