Curation and Web Presence Custom Essay

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Essay Question: “What roles does curation play in creating and maintaining a Web presence?” The word limit for this essay, excluding the reference list, is 2,000 words.

In order to answer this question with the appropriate amount of analytical depth, you will need to understand and engage with ideas about the information ecology and with the readings provided in the relevant section of the study material. You will also need to seek out other appropriate material to develop your ideas and support your argument.

Your essay should include a fully formed introduction and conclusion; be written in paragraph form, present a clear argument, and meaningfully engage with both texts provided in the unit and credible independent research. You may find it helpful to read the module on ‘Essay Writing’ in the Help Modules. Your essay should follow the latest APA referencing style.

You will be assessed on how well your essay:

* Presents a clear, coherent, and concise argument.
* Demonstrates understanding of key concepts, including curation and the information ecology.
* Relates conceptual understandings to illustrative examples.
* Engages critically and meaningfully with relevant unit readings.
* Selects and incorporates relevant independent research.
* Follows conventions of referencing (APA), grammar and expression appropriate for academic writing.

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