Current Issue in Health Care custom essay

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Write a one-page editorial describing an issue or health care related problem, include a story that illustrates the impact of the problem and suggest possible solutions. Although you are not required to submit your op-ed to a local or national newspaper, I will provide you with feedback as to your op-ed’s potential for submission.

Criteria: (100Points)

? Well-written, concise, with no grammatical or spelling error (10pts)

? Short-500 words or less (10pts)

? Relates to a significant health- related event/iniative ( 20pts)

? Defines a problem (20 pts)

? Includes details and example (20 pts)

? Offers a solution (20 pts)

I need to respond to a editorial, blog or article or any health issue going on today. The most important thing about this assigment is that I am responding to a respectable source such as New York Times, Washington Post, New York Times, or any health blog or article. My professor also need to see the link, article, blog online where this information was found so please I will defitely going to need the online source so I can download it for her because she will go back and check that I am responding to a respectable source and that is the right article or information I am describing. Again I am going to need the online source that is the most important thing. Than You.

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