Curriculum Development for Inclusive Education custom essay

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As educators we may often reflect upon our teaching context, or subject area and speculate how we would design or redesign the learning programme if we had a chance to do so. This assignment offers an opportunity for you to conceptualise, design and plan a short course comprising six sessions.

This assignment comprises two interrelated elements:
? A course description and scheme of work for a short course of six weeks duration.
? A referenced rationale for the design of the proposed short course, which should be informed by inclusive learning.

Course Description and Scheme of Work

For the first stage of the assignment you are required to write a brief Course Description and create a Scheme of Work (SOW) for the six sessions of your short course in Hospitality Management.

Each session should be for a minimum of two hours.

You may use the given SOW and Course Description pro formas directly (supplied), or use the headings off each and adopt a more narrative style of writing.

Both the SOW and course description are intrinsic to this assignment and are mandatory, however they are not included in the word length for the assignment. Both should be attached in an appendix to your assignment.

The Rationale

For the second stage you are required to write a 2,500 word rationale that explains your thoughts and intentions when conceptualising the short course. Specifically, it should comprise a critical review and analysis of curriculum models and pedagogical theory, together with a justification which explains why you have designed and planned the short course in the way you have. Your justification should show a clear relationship between theories of curriculum design and pedagogy to which you refer and the short course you are proposing. You must justify your course in terms of how it addresses the key values of inclusion and inclusive education practice within a context informed by your subject specialism or teaching context.

You may choose to adopt a radical approach to the conceptualisation and design of your short course, or plan a short course based on your current teaching situation and experiences. Whatever approach you take, your rationale must reference the cultural, social and economic context of the target group for the course and offer an explanation of how these factors may have influenced the course design.

You should include also an explanation of where your proposal sits within the learning and/or qualifications continuum and identify how it contributes to learner progression.

Finally you should demonstrate a critical awareness of the role of resources and ILT/technology within contemporary teaching and learning and justify the use of ILT and other resources within your short course proposal in the Hospitality Management.

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