Custom Essay On Article Analysis

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1. The term paper is worth 100 points and will be two pages long, type written, and double spaced with twelve font. You will lose points for going over 2 pages long or being under 2 pages long. It must be exactly 2 pages long. Loss of 10 points each day it is late.
2. Pick a biological article at least 3 three pages long (not including pictures) from one of these sources:
Nature, Science, American Scientist, Newsweek, or Times
3. Copy the article and turn it in with your term paper.
4. Analyze the article with these questions:

a. Is the article from a reputable scientific source with peer review?
b. Is the scientific method used? Support your response.
c. Are biological concepts stated clearly? Can you find these concepts in your lecture book? Name three of them.
d. Does the author have a personal agenda, is the article balanced?
e. Name three evidences that support the author?s position?
f. Do you agree with the author?s assumptions? Give 2 assumptions.
Assumptions are things the author believes is true and are taken for granted
g. Conclusions -This is the most important part of the paper! Support your
response with article quotes, personal life experiences, previous knowledge?

You must use a new paragraph to answer each question above. You are urged to work in pairs to complete this assignment, discuss the same article, reach the same conclusions, but the report must be in your own words. Each question above will be evaluated with points. In some instances, you may not know the answers to the questions but you still need to answer the question. For example, you may not know the background of a writer but if the article is from a reputable magazine, it gives the writer some credibility.

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