Data Communications and Networks custom essay

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Prepare a Network project Documentation for Innovation – Tech Entertainment Inc.The organization has two departments an internet cafe and a computer gaming arcade on separate floors however they are both located on the same building. In Approximately 1500 words or seven (7) pages you are to present a network design document of the merger of these two department, Your document should include, however not limited to: 1. A topological network designs of both the cafe and the arcade which are constructed by an appropriate designing software.
2. A propose budget including labor cost for developing the cafe’s and the arcade network.
3. A propose network security plan for securing the network components and its software.
4. A presentation of two quantity description listing tables of each component / equipment which will be used in the construction of both networks. Statements should be included in your table on how these components/equipment function (operate) in each network. These tables should also include software’s which you plan to install on the networks.
5. A clear and concise description on how you plan to combine both the cafe and the arcade network into one functional network.

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