Database Essay

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Company Background
Garden Glory is a partnership that provides gardening and yard maintenance services to individuals and organizations. Garden Glory is owned by two partners, who employ two office administrators and a number of full- and part-time gardeners. Garden Glory will provide one-time garden services, but it specializes in ongoing service and maintenance. Many of its customers have multiple buildings, apartments, and rental houses that require gardening and lawn maintenance services.

NOTE: I will upload a sample list of owners, properties, and services that Garden Glory collects about for its business operation.

Using these data presented in the list, state assumptions about functional dependencies among the columns of data. Justify your assumptions on the basis of these sample data and also on the basis of what you know about service businesses. Indicate what assumptions need to be checked with the users (GG) and what suggestions you may have about the determinants/keys (e.g., do you need a surrogate key?)

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