Dee as a good character in “Everyday Use” custom essay

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My thesis or beginning of thesis is: Dee is portrayed as bad for mama, but she is not bad, she is just different. Part I: (1) Read and reread “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker in An Introduction to Fiction pg 455. Highlight words, phrases and/or paragraphs that you believe are being used by the author to convey something significant to the story being told. (2) Extract these textual references and apply your knowledge of literary elements to focus on one particular theme. Using these textual references, formulate your argument or thesis.  Ask yourself: How does Walker use literary elements to weave together a particular theme in “Everyday Use?” Part II: Scholars have also written literary criticism on Walker’s short story, “Everyday Use” (See references below). They have their own theses (arguments) on how certain literary elements are significant in presenting a particular theme. (1) Integrate at least two of these critical writings into your analysis from Part I. It is perfectly acceptable to be in agreement, or have contrary arguments to a published scholar, as long as you can support your position logically using as evidence textual references from the story and from the chosen critical writings. Using quotes with parenthetical citations from both story and critical writings can help sharpen your own thesis and your written presentation in support of this thesis. Texts: Walker, “Everyday Use” AND 2 full-length critical articles:
– Whitsitt, Sam: “In Spite of It All: A Reading of Alice Walker’s ‘Everyday Use’”
– ; Farrell, Susan: “Fight vs. Flight: a Re-Evaluation of Dee in Alice Walker’s ‘Everyday Use’” Please do not use too sophisticated words.

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