Defense of Marriage Actcustom essay

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1″ margins all around. This is the assignment: select a topic for a research paper on a specific problem or interaction of American government institutions. Please cite the textbook we use in class “We The People” (7th edition), by Ginsberg, Lowi, Weir and Spitzer. One additional book must be cited. The rest may be legitimate websites. NOT Wikipedia. An interesting title is also necessary. A historical case study may be used to illustrate a problem related to the topic of the paper. The topic I selected for the paper is the Defense of Marriage Act. The paper has to provide legal logic as to why the “higher law” of the federal government ought to be more restrictive than state law or that it ought to be the basis for providing benefits. OR I can simply analyze the issue from the standpoint of a basic human right. Also, please look at some of the court cases that have been adjudicated. Lastly, note the court action that has taken place challenging the constitutionality of DOMA and recent developments.

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