Demonstrate that you know how to use the theory or concept in this course to understand custom essay

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Purpose for Assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate that you know how to use the theory or concept in this course to understand and explain your own relationship interactions. Memorizing theories and concepts means nothing if you don’t know how to apply what you know. That is the purpose of this assignment. It is also hoped you will gain a deeper understanding of an important relationship in your life.
This assignment has three entries. Each entry has the same directions, but each has a unique topic for analysis and the number of theories/concepts applied.? Submit each entry during the assigned Lesson (see Syllabus Pg 2).
Journal 1: Perception -how you see an event as compared to how your partner sees the same event.
-One theory or concept for analysis
-1?page in length

Journal 2: Conflict – well, you know what a conflict is.
-Two theories or concepts for analysis
-1 1/2 pages in length

Journal 3: Challenges in Relationships- a specific challenge you are now or have faced in a relationship. I used this one as my example above.
-Three theories or concepts for analysis
-2 pages in length
Please follow these directions so there is nothing left up to my imagination of what I think you are talking about.
Each entry MUST be organized exactly as outlined below:
Context: Type the context at the top of this section (you will write the context of the interaction – where and when it occurred.) If you are unsure of what we mean by context of interpersonal interactions, read about it online and in the text. Remember, we use theory to explain, not general terms. For the Challenges Entry, your incident will focus on just one challenge from the following: jealousy, termination of a relationship, the impact of distance on a relationship, or deception. See the textbook and online lessons for information about how theories and concepts help us understand challenges in important relationships.
Interaction: Here, write the actual event, giving enough detail of what occurred so the analysis will be easily understood. Most people find it easier to write in a narrative form rather than a dialogue form, but it is your choice. The Description portion is about page in length.
Begin by writing the name of the theory or concept (USE CAPS AND bold face so it is obvious to me) and write a 1 or 2 sentence explanation of the theory or concept, so it is clear you know what the theory or concept means. The theory or concept you choose should come directly from the chapter applying to the lesson. So, for the conflict journal, the theories and concepts you use to analyze your experience should come from the chapter dealing with conflict.
Now, APPLY the theory or concept to the event you have described above. In this area you will explain why this theory or concept helps us to understand the interaction YOU PROVIDED IN THE Description.
NOTE: Short entries will lose points
NO FLUFF ? I want theory application.? As with all assignments, writing errors will damage your grade. Edit your work carefully; this is a college level course and college level writing is expected. All assignments are accessed through the lessons and submitted there.? The bulk of your writing will be in the Analysis portion, not the Description portion.
You submit each entry as one document through the correct link on the Lesson Pages.??There is no credit for partial work ? you must have both parts (description and analysis) organized just as you see here, to receive credit. Finally, remember, the most important section in this assignment is the theory or concept application. Read and understand the theory or concept, show me you know why and how the theory or concept explains the event you describe.?? Read the sample provided.
SAMPLE JOURNAL ENTRY (A topic other than one of the three required, was chosen for this sample so copycat writing is not a temptation.)
Journal 1 entry requires you to apply one theory.
Journal 2 entry requires you to apply two theories.
Journal 3 entry requires you to apply three theories.
Each assignment entry should be longer and in more detail than the one before; each is worth more and more points in the Grade Center. ?Be sure you are actually talking about the theory in the application; note how I used the words of the theory in the analysis below. ?I have taken the event apart and analyzed it from different perspectives, using the theories.
This is an example of Journal Entry 2, because I am using 2 theories.
Journal Entry – Friendship
Context: ?conversation between my friend and myself after work, over a beer. ?This is a friendship of over 20 years and we used to work together, but don?t any longer.
Interaction: ?My friend complained about his wife and talked about how bitter and negative she is. ?He and she have been married for about 24 years and he has been unhappy for most of that time. ?She seems to feel trapped and so does he. ?On this evening he is talking about how he had planned a special night out at a fund-raiser/dinner event for them. ?She complained about where they were going and how much it cost. ?She thought he was too extravagant. ?She didn?t want to sit near him when they arrived at the dinner, either; she said,?I see a friend over there,? and sat near someone across the room. ?He was enjoying himself in spite of it, but she came up to him after just about an hour at the affair, and said she wanted to go home. ?He was so disappointed, but they left anyway. ?On the way home not a word was spoken. ?I told him the two of them share the responsibility of this marriage, and he needs to find a way to be happy or get out. ?
His wife?s actions show, according to the Proximity Theory, that she is trying to create distance. ?Even at a nice dinner and special occasion she found a way to not have to be near her husband. ?The Proximity Theory says we will do whatever is needed to be in close proximity to those we like and we will do whatever is needed to create distance between ourselves and those we do not like. ?She obviously was creating distance. She saw a friend across the room and instead of saying a quick hello and returning to her husband, she stayed until she was finished visiting the friend and then insisted going home, rather than spending time with her husband. ?When we have feelings of intimacy and trust with someone we want to be near the person and even create opportunities to be close to the person. ?In this incident the wife created a reason to be away from her husband. ?The Proximity Theory explains that she is forcing space between them so she does not have to be in close proximity to him, thereby showing that she does not want physical closeness and/or opportunities to communicate interpersonally with him. ?Her actions are also explained further by this theory because she made sure she would stay in close proximity of her friend during the entire evening. ?The Proximity Theory shows that when she identified a person with whom she felt safe and who she trusted, she fled her husband for that friend.
My friend is, in my opinion, hardly ever at fault in their conflicts. ?He is a lovely, kind person who has been my close friend for over 20 years. ?According to the Halo Effect Theory because I see him as positive, everything he does is positive ? even if sometimes it isn’t. ?I rarely see her perspective, because I am so fond of him, and not very fond of her. ?The Halo Effect says that I will be guarded, and even in disbelief of a positive fact if I have a negative opinion about someone. ?I feel negative toward her, so pretty much whatever she does, even if it is nice, I will find a way to view it as negative. ?Also, applying the Halo Effect Theory, the wife doesn’t like her husband and whatever he does, like getting the tickets to this nice dinner event, she saw as negative because she does not like him. ?According to the theory, no matter how he had presented the tickets, even if someone gave the tickets to him and there was not money spent, his wife would find some reason to dislike the event because her husband is the one who gave her the tickets.

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