Dental Technology; Report about Dental Composite Inlay Technical custom essay

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The aim of the technical report is analyse the practical process of a composite inlay using GC GRADIA Light curable micro ceramic-composite and its clinical fit. Report it accurately and relate the outcomes to the legal/ethical requirements of a dental device that may be presented for clinical use.

((Technical Report Structure and Marking Guidelines))
Content: (60%) The case study content should be a critical analysis and must include, the following:
1) An analysis of the case this will include a charting of the case and the prepared tooth.
2) A brief discussion of the type of impression material and technique required, the handling of the impression in the clinic and receipt at the laboratory
3)A brief discussion of the creation of the working casts and their requirements.
4)Construction of the inlay using GC GRADIA should describe the techniques used as indicated by the manufactures guide lines, with the use of labelled images or diagrams.
5)An analysis of the clinical indications requirements of the completed inlay and also include contra indications of inlays
6)The fitting of the inlay and recommended cement.

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