? Develop a complete mastery of the facts in the case. It is essential to sort out those facts that are pertinent and discard those that are irrelevant. Develop a clear mental picture of the situation being studied. Although a case rarely provides perfect information, you need to learn how to use the important facts to support your arguments throughout the paper. custom essay

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? Clarify the problem and diagnose its causes. You need to determine the key problem or issue in the case. Sometimes the problem may be clear, but other times it may be quite obscure. Learning to ask the right questions in analyzing a situation is one of the most important skills of management. It is in this section where you will apply organization theories to understand the causes underlying the problem. Theories serve as diagnostic models pointing to possible causes of organizational problems.

? Identify alternative courses of action and assess them. Usually there are several possible solutions to a problem. Identify the critical differences and the ‘pros and cons’ of each option. The analytical phase of evaluating each alternative is the foundation for effective decision-making.

? Decide on a course of action. Often one factor must be balanced against another, adjustments made for uncertainty, and full recognition given to difficulties of implementing the chosen course of action. Check your decision from several angles and defend it clearly in your paper.

Your analysis should be presented in memo format and must be typed in 12-point font, 1 spaced, and with one-inch margins around the page. They must be no longer than five pages plus a maximum of five pages of exhibits. You should try to make your paper as concise and coherent as possible.

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