Disabled Veterans Get Preferential Treatment over Better Qualified Candidates: Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Program (DVAAP) Essay

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The DVAAP states that agency and most of the departments in the federal government must develop and implement an affirmative action program for employments and recruitment of disabled veterans. The agencies are expected to submit their DVAAP reports annually stipulating their efforts on how they have promoted job advancement and employments of the disabled veterans of Vietnam and post Vietnam era that are qualified for the jobs opportunities which were available (Opm.gov, 2009).

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. According to Charles, (1999) affirmative action is not about hiring less qualified employees despite of their mental and physical disability. Affirmative action is meant to open up an equal opportunity which has equal result which is not the case with DVAAP. The disabled veterans are getting more preference than even better qualified candidates who are not disabled veterans.

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In conclusions, most of those who are discriminated there are capable of performing and there is no much evidence that that are bound to fail. For example when people are discriminated against their skin color, race or gender to access services or to perform a certain duty they are not inferior and actually they would be much better performers as they would want to prove their critics wrong. Similarly, those who are disabled like the veterans they might not have the physical strengths

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