Disaster Management – Incident Command Essay

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Assignment extract:
BACKGROUND Early on Sunday 11 December 2005, a series of explosions and subsequent fire destroyed large parts of the Buncefield oil storage and transfer depot , Hemel Hempstead ,and caused widespread damage to neighbouring properties . The main explosion took place at 06.01:32 hours and was of massive proportion. It was followed by a large fire that engulfed 23 large storage tanks over a high proportion of the Buncefield site . The incident injured 43 people . Fortunately , no one was seriously hurt and there were no fatalities . Nevertheless, there was significant damage to both commercial and residential properties near the Buncefield site . About 2000 people had be evacuated from their homes and sections of the M1 motorway were closed . The fire burned for five days , destroying most of the site and emitting a large plume of smoke into the atmosphere that dispersed over southern England and beyond . CONSTRUCT A REPORTWHICH YOU WOULD PRESENT TO A MULTI AGENCY DEBRIEF MEETING. YOUR ASSIGNMENT SHOULD COVER THE FOLLOWING :

  1. The reasons as to why an effective incident command system for large scale incidents such as Buncefield needs to be established.
  2. What various levels of command are needed to deal effectively with large scale incidents ? 3- Discuss an appropriate dynamic risk assessment that would have been implemented at the scene and structure an effective action plan .
  3. Identify and evaluate the roles and responsibilities of various public agencies that would have been involved at Buncefield .
  4. Evaluate the need for effective liaison with media and other agencies during major incidents. Discuss how information would have been communicated and managed during the incident and analyse what prudent decision would have been taken during the incident.

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