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Prime Essay Writings has a Free Revision policy to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the completed order. The client has 14 days to request for a free revision. After this period, this opportunity is closed. We have systems in place that ensures that customers are completely satisfied. If a customer is not satisfied with what has been delivered, he or she can request for a revision. The writer will revise the work free of charge. The revision request should be sent back to us within 14 days. Therefore, we ask all our customers to review the order within a period of promptly upon receiving them. If for instance a writer did not follow the research specification, though it rarely occurs, we fix the problem immediately at no extra cost. At times, we rewrite the entire assignment again.

Conditional Refund Guarantee
In few instances, a client may not be satisfied with the assignment provided. In such a case, Prime Essay Writings guarantees to refund your money on condition that you request for the same within three days after receiving your order. If the request is not made within 3 days, Prime Essay Writings shall assume that you are satisfied with the assignment. A client thus ceases to be eligible for the refund after 72 hours. You can as well cancel your order any time prior to receiving the assignment. However, the client should know that account credits are not refundable. The refunds and cancellations need to be expressed in writing through the order messaging system. The client can also e-mail our support department with regard to the same information. It is our sole discretion to grant or reject your request. This is done on individual order basis depending on violation of the agreement. Several potential issues may hinder you in receiving the order before or on the requested deadline. They include

Special offers and discounts on orders should not be used together. Application of these two should be based on one order per customer. Clients are advised that Prime Essay Writings provide discounts for these who use the standard writing services only. Any additional service that a client uses will not benefit from the same.

Late payment
Prime Essay Writings will not begin working on any order until a client has made the full payment for the products or services. This means that we will not be responsible your failure to pay promptly.

Verification Issues
Prime Essay Writings knows that there are many fraudsters who seeking to con clients, therefore protecting billing information of our clients is our priority

Lack of Clear Instructions
Clients must provide clear and precise information on the order that he or she wants done. In case a client does not provide clear instructions or additional instructions within the required time, Prime Essay Writings will not fulfill any associated guarantee.

The Sources
There are cases where the sources required for an order are not easily available, obscure or readily available to public. The client should therefore provide those materials when placing an order or within the duration listed below.

Between 48 hours to 10 days, the client should provide the information within the first eight hours. Between 12 hours to 24 hours, the client should provide the information within the first60 minutes. Within 12 hours or less, the client should provide the information inside the first 20 minutes.

Prime Essay Writings assume that if a client completes an order and makes payment, he or she has agreed and acknowledge that they have read every detail of Terms and Conditions and understand them fully. We also assume that the client understands that the agreement is binding. Beyond the warranty and guarantee provided, no more instructions beyond the above-mentioned will be provided. The client should note that using stolen credit cards is illegal and is a serious crime. Prime Essay Writings will report all clients who use stolen credit cards to State or Federal Agencies

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