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The purpose of this assignment is to provide a public forum for comparing ideas and stimulating debate/discussion. Just saying “I liked your answers,” or something similar. I want you to show me you thought about what they wrote and compared it to the material with personal opinion(s), details, research support and substance. -To prevent any gender-based arguments, make sure your answers, examples, and any supporting material come from the textbook or other edited sources. Avoid unsupported opinion. 1.Describe in detail 2 major emotion based gender stereotypes, and give a research-supported confirming example and disconfirming example of each stereotype. 2. Who is better at expressing emotions, men or women? Clearly defend your answer with research support. 3. Who is better at reading emotions in others, men or women? Clearly defend your answer with research support. 4. In times of distress, men are more likely to express emotion outwardly and women are more likely to turn emotions inward. Explain what this means. Explain the positives and negatives of either strategy (physical, mental…). Finally, try to explain why men express emotions outwardly and women express emotions inwardly. —This is the book we use but… I am not sure if this would help you in any way, but I just wanted to give you as much info that I have as possible—–: Niedenthal, P., Krauth-Gruber, S., & Ric, F. (2006). Psychology of emotion: Interpersonal, experiential, and cognitive approaches. Psychology Press. ISBN-10: 1841694029

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