Discussion: High-Stakes Testing Custom Essay

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“High Stakes” is a term that is not used lightly. Indeed, one might ask what is more important than determining the needs of today’s children, particularly in terms of the skills and knowledge they require to have successful lives and lead the world. It is not surprising that how achievement is defined and measured brings with it emotional debate and highly profiled attempts at increasing it. By successfully completing this Discussion, you will be better prepared to participate in these dialogues.

Consider the National Report Card and state assessment data reviewed earlier, as well as the David Osher video. Reflect on what you see as high-stakes testing issues, particularly as they relate to your state.

Think about these issues relative to the movie Waiting for Superman and other resources you may have located.

Post your response to the following questions:

– To what extent are these scores valid measures of teacher effectiveness, school system success, and student learning?

– What measures, approaches, or concepts would you suggest as potential alternative solutions?
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