Does driving performance degrade when car drivers use a hands-free mobile phone custom essay

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The purpose of this essay is to develop your ability to rigorously analyse and synthesise information in a professional way.
1) Read all the articles in the reference list below. Take care to note the key features of each study including:
a) The issues affecting driving performance the papers investigated: e.g., distraction and inattention to sensory inputs, situation awareness, visual information processing, driving demands (e.g., complexity, visual clutter)
b) Whether the experiment was conducted in the field or in a simulator, and the constraints placed on the experiment due to the nature of the specific experimental conditions
c) The number of participants and their characteristics such as sex, age, and driving experience
d) The procedures followed in the experiment
e) The measures used to assess performance
f) The findings and conclusions made by the authors
2) Write an essay (approximately 2500 words) in which you address the topic by comparing and contrasting these studies and their findings.
The most important part of the report is the use and interpretation of scientific literature. You will lose marks if you do not follow the American Psychological Association (APA).

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