Does modernization mean Westernization? Or are there ways of becoming modern that are informed by another civilizational logic? Consider Gary Hamilton’s explication (“Civilizations and the Organization of Economies”) in light of modernization in twentieth century China. custom essay

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ASSESSMENT CRITERIA • Research (Is the essay based on a satisfactory range of good sources?) • Persuasiveness (Does the essay present a strong view or persuasive account? Does it consider alternative viewpoints and deal with them satisfactorily?) • Composition (Is the essay structured so as to make the argument or exposition clear? Is paragraphing consistent?) • Written Expression (Has the essay been proof-read? Have spelling errors been corrected? Is there a verb in every sentence? Has thought been given to turns of phrase? Is there a logic to the order of sentences?) • Technical presentation (Is the essay formatted in accordance with instructions? Are footnotes and bibliography presented in the advised style?)

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