Domestic Homicide custom essay

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1. In text-citations is a must! 2. I have chosen to write on the topic of domestic homicide. Specifically on couples that are NOT married and more specifically on homosexual couples. 3. Psychological and biological factors pertaining to homicide has to be included. Homicide theories has to be included. Gender differences in homicide has to be included. Social stratification, drug use and homicidal behavior may also be mentioned. 4. The book for the course that we used is: The Murder Book “Examining Homicide” by Kim Davies. This can be used as a source but CAN NOT be counted as one of the first five sources. 5. Two of the sources have to be printed sources and the other 3 can be from the internet. 6. This topic interests me because I never completely understood how a person could kill someone they love regardless of what was done to them (with the exception of being abused). Also, I’m a lesbian and have been with my partner for 8 years and couldn’t fathom committing homicide. (This is my answer to one of the bullets in the attachment and may be elaborated on). 7. Please include valid statistics on homicide. This may include comparisons in the homicide rate across the world in partner homicide.

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