E-Business and the Advantages and Pitfalls When Fulfilling Business Transactions Online for FYC Custom Essay

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The Furniture Company FYC was founded by Ronald J. Dirksen in 1947 after the end of World War II; currently it is under the leadership of Donna Dirksen who is the CEO and the daughter of the founder. Donna together with other top managers and the Executive Committee have decided its necessary for the company to implement E-business in its operations to make it much easier to manage the increased demand of commercial and domestic customers who buys from the company…

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Many of the traders overlooked traditional metrics such as the price earning ratios and the environment created was not conducive for sound investments. The companies share prices reached climax on March 10, 2000 when National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) was at its peak with a recording of 5132.52. The prices of the companies then declined drastically making investors and the companies to loss most of the investments done. According to the graph and it ‘s explanation by Seattletimes (2002) InfoSpace is one of the company which was affected by the bust by March 2000 …

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In conclusion I shall analyze on a company which went bust and provide my opinion towards FYC Executive Committee. Boo.com is a good example of dot-com bust the company actually spent $188 Million in a period of six months as it was attempting to create a global online store to increase on its sales and have global/international reach but by May 2000 the company was bankrupt and the investment which was done on the system would not bail them out as it would not be liquidated (Sorkin, 2000)…

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