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Answer the following questions in an essay or report format or paragraph format:
Dear writer these questions are all based on childcare teaching for children aged 3-5? You can make up these answers or research
How you would select and use authentic resource materials that reflect and promote diversity and are non stereotypical and authentic in childcare as a caregiver/teacher?
1.2 How you would review, modify or discard service resources if they were not consistent with inclusive principles in the childcare environment?

Task 2: Prepare a reflective report on how your work placement activities and participation served to reflect and promote a respect for inclusive principles and practices in childcare
You need to include here reference to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander values and culture.
1. Describe how you demonstrated inclusive practices that served to reflect a respect and sensitivity to Australia’s unique and diverse cultural environment throughout your work placement experience in childcare or how you would reflect this question in childcare?
Identify and discuss:
a. How the experiences and resources you provided reflected the diversity of families and children at the service in childcare?Explain why you chose these experiences and resources and detail how they reflected and promoted the diversity evident within the service.

b. How you extended children’s understanding of diversity in a positive, authentic and respectful manner. You need to discuss here how you promoted gender equity, respect for diversity, appreciation of differences and acknowledgement and value for a range of cultural traditions and lifestyles. This may include conversations, interactions and your provision of resources in childcare?
You need to consider the diversity evident within the service and the wider community here.You need to make specific reference to your local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities’ traditions and culture.
2. Identify 2 (two) examples that illustrate how your interactions with children and families were inclusive in childcare. You can use the recommended journal format here. This may include how you used inclusive language, explanations of differences, actions to counter bias and promoted respect for other cultures.
If applicable to your work placement experience you need also to reference your local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

Dear writer you can make up the following answers as long as it sounds logic and academic you can also research the internet for childcare inclusive practice examples.
No intext referencing is needed, but you can use the websites in the reference that you got your ideas from to answer the following questions

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