Earthquake Mitigation in tiwain custom essay

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Please answer the following questions:
1. Describe mitigation measures that have been implemented to address earthquakes in Taiwan.

2. Identify and briefly describe at least one additional measure that has not been implemented, which would mitigate against earthquakes.

3. Evaluate this mitigation strategy using FEMA’s criteria below.

FEMA established the following criteria to evaluate mitigation strategies:


Will the proposed action be socially acceptable?
Will it cause any segment of the community to be treated unfairly?
Will the action disrupt established communities?

Is the proposed action technically feasible?
Will the action solve the problem?

Does the community have enough resources to implement the action?
Can the community provide any necessary maintenance?
Can the action be accomplished in a timely manner?

Is the political leadership willing to support the action?
Is there public support to implement this action?

Does the community have the authority to implement the action?
Will the community be liable for the action or lack of action?

What are the costs and benefits of the action?
Does the action contribute to economic goals, such as development?
What burden will be placed on the local economy?

How will this action affect the environment?
Does this action comply with environmental regulations?
Responsibilities and Resources for Mitigation

Once a community has decided what mitigation strategy will be most effective, it must determine how it will be accomplished. This includes identifying funding sources and the governmental agencies responsible for the actions or technical experts.

Paper should be at least 3 pages in length. At least 4 REFERENCES MUST BE INCLUDED FROM ACADEMIC,PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLE . Must follow APA format

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