Economic Data comparison of Russia and China Essay

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This is a research paper which compares economic data of Russia and China. I shall evaluate on their inflation rate, exchange rate, lending interest rate, narrow and broad definitions of money stock (M1 & M2), their trade balance in US dollar and percentage on industrial productions. This comparison will be used to analyze on their effects on the country policy, the risks which would be experienced by investors who would wish to conduct international business within the countries and finally their effects on national policy towards trade in China and Russia….

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Interest rate (Lending); This is the average interest rate which is charged by commercial banks on new loans in a year to its credit worth customers. Both countries have different interest rate which affects on foreign investors and policy formulations as it is discussed later in this paper. By the end of last year Russia commercial lending interest was 10.3% while China was 7.47%. China lower interest rate on lending would attract more investors in the country and costs of doing business would be much less as compared to Russia. …

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In conclusion National policy towards trade in Russia and China. The national policy towards trade in Russia and China shall be based mainly on their economic performances. Most investors would formulate their policies to invest in China in its favor than in Russia because it has low inflation rate, high GDP, high industrial growth rate and has more stock of money…

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