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I need an essay discussing the economic history of the United State from 1866-1920. The esay must be a 5 paragrapgh essay with a minimum In the introduction I need a thesis, and you can do the thesis by answering the prompt question. In the intro I need for you to anwer who, what , when ,where, and why. The three body paragrapghs each have to talk about a topic, need to have an example or evidence, and a analytical sentence. In the conlusion you need to restate the thesis, sum up the evidence, link essay to a larger topic, and answer this question, which aspect of this history did you find more intresting. you can follow this outline:I. Introduction Introduction: a. Thesis: b. Five Ws. i. Who: ii. What: iii. Where: iv. When: v. Why: II. Body 1 a. Topic: b. Example: c. Analytical sentence: III. Body 2 a. Topic: b. Example: c. Analytical sentence: IV. Body 3 a. Topic: b. Example: c. Analytical sentence: V. Conclusion a. Restate thesis: b. Link your argument to broader question:

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