Economics Essay: How did mortgage lenders contribute to the economic downturn as it relates to real estate Essay

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Within the topic frame, look at a particular firms strategy that may have contributed to the economic downturn as it relates to real estate. The goal is to begin with a question or issue of interest then use economic theories of the firm in an attempt to answer or understand the topic better. Try to include a simple drawing or other illustration that relates in some way to your topic. you must prove to the reader that the topic is personalized; meaning that it applies to your life( real or imagined) in some direct way or that the question matters to you in some very real way. I worked at First National bank of Arizona, as an Account manager where my job center around the effective processing of real estate transactions. include a bit of background of the question, such as how you came upon it, identification of key players, and/or how long the problem has been a problem. Avoid broad, general topics such as “the Credit crunch” terms like these are mass- media generated and have no economic meaning.
Identify and discuss some key economic theories of the firm that you think are helpful in understanding the question. don’t forget about magnitude of the problem: how big is the problem? use data responsibly throughout your analysis. at the end of your exploration you may not have solved the problem, however, you and the reader should have a better understanding of it . this includes any relevant implications , opportunity costs, externalities and so on.

The paper will be graded based on how (a) addresses the main thesis and relevant economic concepts, demonstrates the significance of the concepts, in the context of the general argument developed in the main text and lectures; demonstrate some analytical grasp of the argument and is well written and free of spelling and grammatical errors.
finally the paper must first specify the main thesis and economic concepts in a succinct paragraph or two, including a description or context within which you will explore the topic. this point must them be analysed through the concepts found in the main course text in order to address the question. does the main thesis contradict, complement or supplement the argument made in the text? how so? you are expected to evaluate the thesis or argument in the report, using theories and other concepts developed and discussed in the class related to the firm.

The Nature of the firm can be found

The text used is Managerial Economics in a Global economy by Dominick Salvatore sixth edition

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