Edmonia Lewis and her art work custom essay

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The objective of the research paper is to combine research with your analysis of art to help you develop a deeper appreciation for an aspect of this course. You need to show that you are capable of utilizing research tools, and your paper needs to reveal the level of comprehension and sophistication appropriate to the course. Also, you need to demonstrate your ability to discuss works of art in a meaningful way. This skill is extremely important and requires you to look at art as material culture, which evidences the concerns, issues, and tastes of its age and, therefore, provides contextual information about that age. You should include a formal description of each artwork you consider in your text. This will necessitate keeping the number of artworks discussed to a minimum. This paper will also show your ability to organize your thoughts and to make a point, to present evidence in defense of your perspective about the topic, and to summarize your findings.

The completed research paper must consist of 5 ? 7 pages of text examining your subject, written in narrative with footnotes or endnotes citing any sources for quotations, paraphrases, or additional information. The 5 ? 7 pages do not include the bibliography or images or footnotes/endnotes. Your final submission must meet the formatting and citation guidelines indicated below:

You are strongly urged NOT to use the first-person voice.
Your paper must be a minimum of 5 ? 7 pages long, typed and double-spaced (approximately 1,750 words minimum).
You must use 10- or 12-point type. Times font is preferred, and type must be black on white pages.
Your paper should contain approximately 250 words per page.
You must include at least five images to illustrate points made in your paper, though more may be appropriate. Include these in a separate file when submitting them. Include captions for all images (like the captions used throughout the content of each unit). Images should be provided in JPG or GIF format.
You must cite your sources (ideas or quotes) in your research paper. Please use footnotes, not parenthetical notes. See your Barnet text for proper bibliographic and footnote format. You will need to have a citations page, listing any endnotes (in Chicago/Turabian style) and a bibliography or “works cited” section. Your bibliography must include any reference to:

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