Education: Personal Supervisory Platfrom custom essay

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1. Begin your paper with an introduction that explicitly describes any major assumptions about education, school, effective teaching, students and learning that you hold that influence your perspective on supervision and evaluation.
2. Organize your paper to reflect answers to the following questions to help build your platform:

1) What is your definition of instructional supervision?
2) What should be the ultimate purpose of supervision?
3) What knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values are possessed by successful supervisors?
4) What are the most important needs of teachers?
5) What makes for positive relationships between supervisors and teachers?
6) What types of activities should be part of instructional supervision and evaluation?
7) What should be changed about the current practice of instructional supervision and evaluation to safeguard the values of democracy, equity, and diversity within the school?
3. Conclude your platform development with a list of specific guidelines you plan to practice using your preferred supervisory approach to achieve your stated purposes.
The supervisory approach is a Directive approach for the concluded paragraph

Books to use are: The Basic Guide to Supervision and Instructional Leasership by Carl D. Glickman, Stephen P. Gordon and Jovita M. Ross-Grodaon–textbook we are using

Enhancing Professional Practice, A Framework for Teaching by Charlotte Danielson, 2nd edition

and then at least two more books–I have to have at least 4 sources cited.

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