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For Assessment task 1, you are required to write an essay that responds to the question ?What is my philosophical orientation to adult education??. Your essay will be based on ?data? that you gain from completing Zinn’s Philosophy of Adult Education Inventory (Zinn, 1990). You must show close reading of scholarly texts, one of which must be the reading by Zinn (1990) that is included in your book of Readings.
Aim and objectives: The aim of the assessment task is to reflect and analyse your philosophical orientation to adult education, and consider the implications of your findings on your educational practice and/ or professional development.
The completed assessment task should show that you are able to:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of your philosophical orientation in the field of adult education that takes into account personal values, and other influences such as organisational values, ethics and intellectual traditions; and
2. Present your reflection and analysis clearly written and scholarly academic essay.

Genre (format): essay
Word length: 2000 words
Required references:
Your essay must engage with at least 3 relevant and scholarly readings (articles, essays, or chapters from books), one of which must be:
Zinn, L. 1990, ‘Identifying your philosophical orientation’, in M.W. Galbraith (ed.), Adult Learning Methods, Krieger, Florida, pp. 39-77.
In order to gather the ?data?, you will undertake the Philosophy of Adult Education Inventory from Appendix A in Zinn (1990). In order to reflect and analyse the ‘data’ that you gain from the Inventory, you will need to determine a focus for your reflection and analysis based on a firm understanding of what is meant by philosophical orientation, and what are some of these orientations. A suggestion of how you might approach this essay is outlined below:
1. Read the chapter by Zinn (1990) in order to identify what is the intention of the Inventory, and the basis of the Inventory:
? what is a personal philosophy of education, and why is it important?
? what is the relationship of philosophy to education; to educational practice?
? what are some key philosophies of education on which Zinn bases her Inventory?
2. Examine further readings to clarify ideas and theories introduced by Zinn.
3. Undertake the Inventory and use the ‘scorecard’ to determine your philosophical orientation.
4. Examine the ‘data’ from the Inventory, that is, the philosophical orientation that the Inventory has identified for you:
? what is your philosophical orientation according to the Inventory?
? what are defining aspects of this orientation, according to Zinn?
5. Reflect on and analyse your findings:
? what examples can you find from your adult education practices that ‘fit’ with the characteristics of your philosophical orientation; why?
? what examples from your adult education practices are difficult to explain from this philosophical orientation; why?
? how can major influences on adult education practices explain your philosophical orientation?
6. Consider the implications of the reflection and analysis for your adult education practices and/or your professional development.
PLEASE NOTE: Responses to the Zinn Inventory can be found on the Internet. Please don?t be tempted to copy these, they are fairly easily identifiable, but most importantly we are after your response.
Assessment criteria:
Your essay will be assessed on how well you have met the objectives of the task:
1. Demonstration of an understanding of your philosophical orientation in the field of adult education that takes into account personal values, and other influences such as organisational values, ethics and intellectual tradition:
? clear and scholarly definition of philosophy of education/ philosophical orientation;
? identification and explanation of relevant key philosophical influences on adult education and training;
? statement and description of your work as an adult educator;
? discussion of Zinn’s Inventory and the information about your philosophical orientation identified by it;
? reflection and analysis of how your personal values and other factors are influencing your orientation in adult education;
? illustration of your philosophical orientations with examples from your practice.
2. Presentation of your reflection and analysis in a clearly written and scholarly essay.
? a clear introduction states what the essay is about, has a thesis statement, and outlines how the thesis will be argued
? a conclusion restates the thesis, summarises the key insights that emerged in the essay, and how they support the thesis
? the body of the essay logically develops the arguments for the thesis
? ideas from the references are used selectively and purposefully, and integrated effectively into the text
? well-structured paragraphs ensure cohesion and flow
? careful proofreading for grammatical, spelling and typographical errors
? In-text references and reference list are complete, accurate and follow the Harvard (UTS) style
? word length requirement is met

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