Educational Market Reform custom essay

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Title Page Topic of the Paper Name of the Course Student Name Date Due Introduction Describe the issue/topic area. Define and describe any specific position(s) taken in this paper. Provide an overview of the scope of what will be addressed in the paper. Analysis Define/describe the selected issue/topic. From your perspective, assume a position on an issue concerning standards and control. The position may be for or against a controlling legislative approach, or it may be one of developing an integrated approach. Support your position with thoughtful analysis of the position as well as from the limitations of the position. This section must reflect an analysis of the theory/approach. Application In this area, discuss how the position you have chosen would enhance teaching and learning. Provide two examples/applications. Use the research conducted for this paper as well as other academic and experiential learning activities that support your position. The discussion must be constructive and reflect thoughtful application of the theory. Reference Page List, using APA style, all references. Include at least three references. One may be the Textbook, one may be a website from the Course list, and/or one can be of your choice. One MUST be an article from a published scholarly journal. Format Write your paper using APA style. This paper must be at least two pages in length (not including the title page and reference page).

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