EFFECTIVE RESEARCH AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE; reflect on and theorise about real-time incidents that take place during the module (and any personal experiences prior to the module) custom essay

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The portfolio of items will be an opportunity to reflect on and theorise about real-time incidents that take place during the module (and any personal experiences prior to the module). Students will be asked to synthesise and critically evaluate the learning gained from the portfolio of items. The Portfolio will consist of a reflective account, with an academic research case study used to frame these reflections. The portfolio will include an analysis of events e.g. lectures, workshops, learning materials used, formal/informal discussions etc. and display an appreciation of personal, professional, legal and ethical practice in areas such as IS strategy formulation, change and project management, systems development and implementation, and/or different strategic management roles and surrounding IS/organisational issues..For IS students this may involve the ethics of dealing with trade-offs for different groups of stakeholders for competing system requirements; for more technical students this may involve the ethics of cutting-edge software development for commercial espionage purposes. A discussion of appropriate research methods will also be included in the portfolio

Questions to help answering the portfolio submission

1) What research methods are used in the research article? What are the other research methods that can be used in computing research and why and where would you use them?
2) What ethical, legal and professional issues for researchers and practitioners are present in the research article, your prior experience and more generally in computing research?
3) What reflection and evaluation of learning (including how have you developed as a researcher and identification of personal development needs) have you been aware of through studying for this module?

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