Elder abuse custom essay

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I will only need part 1 by sunday (which is one page). I will be providing my sources (will attach) I will attach instructions but heres an overview: Part 1 – Introduction (1 or more pages) Due: February 1 – Description of the problem o Why is this an important topic to consider? o How widespread is the problem? o How does this problem impact people’s lives? – Statement of the problem or question to be explored (hypothesis) “This paper will explore (insert research topic)…” Part 2 – Literature Review (3 pages) Due: March 8 – What are the different aspects of this topic? – For each key topic, what are the main findings? – Identified gaps and weaknesses in literature – Correct APA, in-text citations (6 required) *You may turn in your reference page at this time for the instructor to review Part 3 – Interview/Comparison (3 pages) Due: March 29 – Interview one individual who has personal experience with the topic (personally or professionally) – Introduce the reader to the individual identifying their qualifications as your interviewee – Comparison of personal experience to literature findings (cite any research findings) – Identify major differences and similarities * DO NOT include a word for word summary of your interview. Remember to continue writing in 3rd person. Part 4 – Discussion/Summary (1 or more pages) Due: April 12 – Restated what literature has found – Application to practice/recommendations – Personal reaction Final Draft Due: April 26 Graded for organization, content knowledge, grammar and spelling, and APA style including references cited both in text and on a reference page. All work on this project must be turned in at this time.

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