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this coursework is just online discussions. I will give you two different topics to talk about. The first topic you should write about is about the Beer Game. The following questions are what should be included in the discussion of the Beer Game: Do you think that the Beer Game is a good tool for demonstrating the bullwhip effect? Are there any limitations with the tool/method? Do you think it overly simplifies “real” supply chain interactions? After reading the questions about the Beer Game, please write about 300 words answering the above questions in paragraphs. The second topic you will talk about is about Data Sharing in E-government. the following questions are what should be included in the paragraphs of this discussion topic: One of the potential benefits of Electronic Government, is the ability for different government departments/agencies to share data. While this may seem good for the government, but what about citizens? Is this something that you would support? Are there potential issues around privacy that you would be uncomfortable with? What are your thoughts? *Note: Please make sure that the two above topics, the Beer Game and Data Sharing in E-government, are completely different from each othe and not related to each other, so each topic will be in a different page. You should write about 300 words for each one of the topics. *Please you should NOT use in-text references so you should write in your own words. However, you can give me a list of references in a different page. Use websites sources only. That is all. Thanks. Please do not hesitate to email me if you misunderstand anything. Cheers

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